Cognitive Outcome 1 year after COVID-19 – A Pilot Study (CogCOVID)

Automatisch geschlossen · 2021 bis 2022

Klinische Forschung
Monozentrisch am KSSG
Automatisch geschlossen
Fördermittel KSSG
Prospektive Beobachtungsstudie
- Dr. Dagmar Schmid, Psychosomatik - Prof. Dr. Werner Albrich, Infektiologie - Dr. Gian-Reto Kleger, Intensivmedizin - Dr. Claudia Schrag, Intensivmedizin - Dr. Urs Pietsch, Intensivmedizin

This prospective observational pilot study examines cognitive function 1 year after SARS-Cov-2 disease. Study population consists of formerly hospitalized non-ventilated COVID-19 patients (nvCOVID) and ventilated patients with COVID-19-ARDS (cARDS) treated at Kantonsspital St. Gallen. A third smaller group will contain non-COVID-ARDS-patients (ARDS), which will be included up to 2 years after discharge due to expected difficult recruitment. A total inclusion of about 90 patients between 08/2021 and 06/2022 is planned.
Participants will be invited for a cognitive screening. Also, performance in everyday life and psychological symptoms will be assessed by questionnaires. If cognitive screening or history point to cognitive deficits, participants will be offered a further workup in a clinical context apart from the study protocol. However, these results (thorough neuropsychological testing according to post-COVID-standard in our institution, MRI, CSF-analysis, if available) will be used scientifically, if consent is obtained. Preexisting manifest cognitive decline before onset of COVID-19 will be excluded as far as possible retrospectively via third party history. Primary endpoint is the cognitive function measured by MoCA 1 year after discharge. For comparison between groups possible bias will be taken into account. Confounders like psychiatric disease, which is also prevalent in COVID-19 survivors, will be considered. Demographic and retrospective parameters like length of ventilation, hypoxia or delirium will be analysed to give an idea of predictors for bad cognitive outcome.