[Smarter medicine in Otorhinolaryngology - Top 5 List]

Journal Paper/Review - Sep 1, 2021


Welge-Lüssen A, Baumann A, Tasman A, Guinand N. [Smarter medicine in Otorhinolaryngology - Top 5 List]. Ther Umsch 2021; 78:381-388.
Journal Paper/Review (Deutsch)
Ther Umsch 2021; 78
Publication Date
Sep 1, 2021
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Brief description/objective

Smarter medicine in Otorhinolaryngology - Top 5 List Many diseases or symptoms with a high prevalence in the population, such as vertigo / dizziness, tinnitus, or sinusitis, but also nasal bone fractures and otitis externa, lead to a high number of visits to the physicians due to their frequency alone. Often, conventional X-rays (sinusitis, nasal bone fractures) or - in cases of vertigo and tinnitus - magnetic resonance imaging are ordered for further diagnostic clarification even though the benefit of theses is not generally given according to the current state of knowledge. The indication for imaging can be set much more restrictive after critical review of these clinical conditions without reducing the quality of treatment. The same applies to the usage of systemic antibiotics in uncomplicated otitis externa, which can be reduced without any problems. The extensive discussion of these issues within the Society of Otorhinolarnygology (SGORL) formed the basis for the creation of the Top 5 -list with its recommendations which are presented in detail below.