Division of Infectious Diseases & Hospital Epidemiology

INFEKT · Dept. I

Rorschacher Str. 95
St. Gallen
Dept. I

The Division of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene is integrated in the Department of Internal Medicine (DIM) at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The division maintains an outpatient clinic, an infectious diseases consult service, hospital epidemiology and the employee health service of the hospital.

The outpatient clinic provides assessment for infectious diseases conditions, fever of unknown origin, care of patients with chronic infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis) and also offers the possibility of anonymous HIV and syphilis rapid tests as well as a travel medicine clinic.

Our consultants provide their service not only for all departments of the hospital, but also for all public hospitals in Eastern Switzerland as well as an ID consult service for general practitioners.

Likewise, the hospital epidemiology service supports all hospitals in the region and oversees the status of nosocomial infections and resistance data in the region. With joint forces, the infectious diseases specialists of the ID consult service and the hospital epidemiology aim to prevent the spread of multiresistant bacteria.

Employee health gives advice to all employees of our hospital and has a major focus in the prevention of infectious diseases in the health care professionals.

It is our intention, to cover not only infectious diseases diagnostic and therapeutic tasks, but also to comply with our role in preventive medicine.