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Pneumologie und Schlafmedizin


Chefarzt Pneumologie und interdisziplinäres Schlafzentrum

Profile Function

chief physician

Former Positions

October 1990 - December 1991:
Scientific Resident, SNF Project 26A ("Swiss Study on Air Pollution and Lung Disease in Adults", SAPALDIA, Multi-Centre Study), Centre Valaisan de Pneumology Montana/VS, Prof. Dr. P. Leuenberger, PD Dr. J.M. Tschopp and the SAPALDIA study group

January 1992 - December 1993:
House Officer, Internal Medicine, Regional Hospital Sta. Maria, Visp/VS, Dr. A. Nanzer, Dr. J.L. Troillet, Dr. L. Roten

January 1994 - December 1995:
Registrar, Centre Valaisan de Pneumologie Montana/VS, Chest Medicine, PD Dr. J.-M. Tschopp

January 1996 - September 1997:
Senior House Officer, Internal Medicine, University Hospital Geneva/GE, Internal Medicine, Emergency Ward, Intensive Care Unit, Chest Medicine, Oncology, Prof. Dr. A. Junod

September 1997 - September 1999:
Research Registrar, North West Lung Centre, South Manchester University Hospital Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK, Chest Medicine, Research related to Chest Diseases, Prof. A. Woodcock

Simultaneously PhD Coures in the Faculty of Biological Sciences ("Gene Expression in Atopy and Asthma", Prof. A. Woodcock, Dr. P. Wood)
Graduation August 2000

October 1999 - April 2009:
Deputy Head at the Chest Division, Internal Medicine, University Hospital of Basel, Prof. M. Tamm and Pulmonary Gene Research Group Leader
January - December 2006:
Head of Pneumology during the Sabbatical of Prof. M. Tamm
June 2006 - April 2008:
Direction of the "Lungenzentrum Basel", an Interdisciplinary Structure including 7 different Departments/Clinics/Units for the Treatment of Malignant Diseases of the Chest and Interstitial Lung Diseases

May 2008 - March 2009:
"Chefarzt" and Head of the Clinic of Pneumology at the Cantonal Hospital of Aarau

Since April 2009:
Chefarzt Pneumologie und Interdisziplinäres Schlafzentrum, Kantonsspital St. Gallen


First winner of the "Preis für Medizin 1992/1993" of the "Schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin PRAXIS" in July 1993 in Bern for the work: Brutsche M, Frey JG, Tschopp JM. Lutte contre le tabac et médecin praticien. Schweiz Rundschau Med (Praxis) 1993; 44:1234-38

"Global Young Investigator Award 2002" Ely Lilly, Indianapolis, USA, for the project: "Genomic predictors of response to gemictabine monotherapy as palliative chemotherapy in peripheral blood and tumour tissue samples of patients with NSCLC". Principle investigator: Brutsche MH

Swiss Pneumologic Society-Poster Prize 2003 for: "Early growth response genes are preferentially transactivated in stage II/III sarcoidosis" by Brutsche MH, Laule-Kilian K, Eryüsel E, Rutherford R, Bihl M, Joos L, Kehren J, Staedtler F, Tamm M, Bubendorf L.

Swiss Pneumologic Society-Poster Prize 2004 for: "Prediction of treatment-response to inhaled corticosteroids by mannitol-challenge test in COPD" by Tandjung R, Anderson SD, Brutsche MH, Bingisser R, Perruchoud AP, Surber C, Tamm M, Leuppi JD

Young Investigators Award of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer for the abstract: "Prediction of major NSCLC tumor classes and clinical outcome by functional genomics of small bronchoscopic tumor biopsies" by F. Baty, M. Buess, S. Kaiser, M. Facompré, L. Bubendor, M. Schumacher, W. Budach, J. Kehren and M. Brutsche

Price for the best oral presentation at the Swiss Pnemologic Society Meeting 2008 in Fribourg for: "Prevalence and geographic distribution of sarcoidosis in Switzerland" by Deubelbeiss U, Gemperli A, Schindler C, Baty F, Brutsche MH


Verbindung der Schweizer Aerzte FMH
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Pneumologie
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Schlafmedizin
Medizinische Gesellschaft Aargau
European Respiratory Society
Britisch Thoracic Society
Americal Thoracic Society
American College of Chest Physicians, Fellow FCCP


Baty F, Brutsche M. Composite Dimensional Analysis (CDA): Exploration of individualized disease dimensions using functional genomics. US-patent WTT05/086KBS

Brutsche M, Baty F, Schumacher M, Kehren J. Gene Expression signatures for lung cancer. GB-patent P051025GB